We have made our homes the Devil’s playground…

Reading through a short history of the life of Pope Pius XII it was fascinating to reflect on the evil ideologies that plagued his particular pontificate. This pious and holy man had to confront not only Nazism and Fascism at their evil peaks but Communism too as well as the massive horrors generated by the second world war. The Venerable Pope Pius produced no less than 40 papal encyclicals during his 19 year pontificate, many of them speaking directly to either rebuke, nullify or expose the inherently evil and corrupt philosophies that dogged the era. Pope Pius was only all too aware of the overarching purpose of these wicked ideologies in leading souls off the true path and into the dark realms of principalities and powers and eternal damnation.

In tackling these evil philosophies head on,  Pius XII proved himself a marvellous man of the gospel who was not afraid to call good and evil by name and who also at the same time worked hard at ‘overcoming evil with good’ (Romans 12:21), the fullest expression of Christian morality according to the later teaching of  Pope Saint John Paul II.

Venerable Pope Pius XII. Rome’s Chief Rabbi, Dr Israel Zolli became a Catholic after the war and took the baptismal name Eugenio in tribute to Pope Pius


The study of the battles fought by Pope Pius XII  against the evils of his time reminds us that every age is confronted  with its own particular evils, some of them reformulations of age-old philosophies such as Nominalism and others, still newer or shall we say freshly baked ‘a la carte’ evils written specially for the times. Example from our age include gender ideology and radical feminism and so some extent relativism and secularism.

Regardless of the age or time, three common factors  underpin the role and place in salvation history of evil ideologies and stratagems. The first is that we can always be certain of their existence and presence in any given age, until of course the time comes when God Almighty pulls the plug, once and for all, on this world as indeed he has promised to do in due course. The second factor in common is their evil intent and thirdly their predictably iniquitous purpose, planned and designed  to deceive souls by corrupting them and leading them into darkness. In this way, evil ideologies are forms of anti-gospels or Satan’s perversion of the Good News, rendering it as  bad News!

Evil ideologies seek to seduce and deceive souls by luring them onto the road of damnation “for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it” Matthew 7:13

There is however one evil strategy of perdition dominating our modern age with the potential to plunder more souls than any of the other strategies joined together,  the sexual revolution. This revolution has brought about the complete acceptance of sex outside of traditional monogamous heterosexual marriage, the normalisation of contraception, public nudity, pornography, widespread immodesty in dress and behaviour, homosexuality and alternative forms of sex such as Zoophilia. Mainstream newspapers such as the Daily Mail report animal brothels springing up in Germany.

Today’s teenagers are robbed of their innocence and dress increasingly like porn actors. Modesty has no place in fashion.


Although some people suggest that the sexual revolution began as early as the 1920’s, most social historians place the start date in the 1960’s and closely link its development to the arrival of the contraceptive pill.

what a load of nonsense!


Speed forward to 2016. Three new factors have since been conspiring to turn the sexual revolution into a supersonic devouring monster; the  accelerating force of  data and visual technology through the internet and the impact of radical feminism on the mainstream causing many woman to deny their full-time role as mothers and opting to join the workforce instead.

Although there is much good to be derived from the internet we must also view its development and impact on our lives with extreme caution as this technological masterpiece occasions more and more sinful behaviour. Most estimates suggest that nearly two-thirds of internet traffic is of a pornographic nature and other darker purposes. We may have to update the wise words of Saint Paul and say ‘the love of the internet is the root of all evil’.

The problem posed by the internet is its unfettered acceptance into our lives like some great big Trojan Horse. Many of us know it’s a Trojan horse but still we warmly welcome it in to our homes with bells ringing. Internet addiction rates are rising everywhere, especially among the young.  ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ groups are now joined by ‘Sex Addicts’ groups everywhere as young and old men, woman too, sink helplessly into a sea of visual sex pollution, far more damaging to a human soul than carbon could ever be for the environment.

Internet addiction in South Korea and other wealthy economies is a massive problem



To compound matters radical feminist ideology has seduced many woman  into abandoning their roles as full-time mothers. Let me be very clear. There is no problem with woman working and performing the same roles as men and earning the same pay per se.

Do what…abandon your children?


But motherhood must come first!

Motherhood is THE most important role in the world which involves being there sacrificially for the children when they are young, at least up to school age. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground…”

We are shown this very beautifully by Joseph and Mary in the gospel who went to extraordinary lengths to protect Jesus from evil when he was young. Read through and consider the sacrifices made by  Joseph and Mary in the story of the flight into Egypt, Matthew’s Chapter 2.

‘The flight into Egypt’ Suffering intense heat by day and cold by night, the parents of the young Jesus took on an epic journey filled with fear as they sought to protect the boy from evil. They gave no thought to their own needs and were utterly selfless as parents. How many Catholic parents model themselves on Joseph and Mary in today’s world?


Children desperately need their mothers to protect them from the nasty evils of this world as they are vulnerable when young and the devil wants to get his hideous hands on their innocent souls. Even older children need shepherding, guiding and protecting. The situation in the modern world is now reaching epic proportions as the prophetic words of Our Lady of Fatima materialise in our very midst. Our Lady prophesied that ‘a great many souls will be lost due to sins of the flesh’. This includes young and old.

“sins of the flesh send more souls to hell”


Huge numbers of young children and early teenagers are left either under the supervision of strangers or even to fend for themselves. Imagine the foolishness of leaving young people alone in a house full of live computers for long periods of time  alone. Vile hard core porn is only a question of a few button away. Satan is ensuring that endless corrupting porn is being pumped into every home and he only wants to do one thing – cause people to fall into sexual sin, even young children. Satan has no age limits and has cleverly used woman’s equality arguments to lure woman away from their God given and glorious vocation of motherhood. Consequently, there are often no adults around in many homes who could  supervise the children’s activities and protect them from easily accessed online evils.

Many adults will attempt to make economic arguments for justifying their decisions to abandon their children for very long periods of time, even Catholic parents. These arguments are highly questionable and superficial  when viewed in the context of eternity and the potential loss of souls. In any case, in the end, much of the surplus money coming into households as a result of woman working will simply be invested in more corrupting technology or other foolish home comforts of a temporal nature. Every child can have his or her hand-held device, every room in the house might have an internet connected computer. In fact, there are so many internet based gadgets in homes across the land that it becomes almost impossible for effective security controls to be full managed. Let us not forget that children are very clever with technology and can easily manipulate their parents who are often largely absent anyway.

What is this little boy watching? It could be hard core porn. Parents often either don’t make or have the time to properly regulate child security features. That’s just the way the Devil likes it. He wants to corrupt this little boys mind.

Meanwhile, the media is daily full of relentless stories of paedophilia. Make no mistake, this is a demonic strategy. Only 30 years ago the notion that men could marry men would have sounded completely ridiculous. Now all sorts of  homosexual activities are legal and acceptable, at least in large western cities in any case. Yesterday’s vices have become today’s virtues. In the same way and potentially following the same pattern, it may not be long, perhaps within a generation, when, God forbid, ‘adult-child’ sex will be legal in European countries, possibly Britain too. The widespread prevalence in the media of ‘adult-children’ sex stories is probably a demonic ‘grooming’ strategy set on corrupting the minds of those adults who daily feed on them. Before long, these kinds of evil stories will become normalised in people’s minds through exposure. Meanwhile, the children are being prepared for this horrific reality by being sexualised at home through unsupervised access to internet pornography.

The bottom line is that sex is being used by the devil very powerfully in our world today to corrupt people of all ages by luring them into a life of sexual sin. Never before has the call to ‘gird your loins’ been more relevant. Nevermore has there been a need  for witnesses to chaste living. Never before have we needed the grace of God to help us make the wisest decisions to protect our families, our children and their precious but very vulnerable souls.

Let us pay great heed to the message of our Lady of Fatima as we approach the 100th anniversary of her appearance. The souls of your very own children need snatching from the fiery furnace of damnation. Pray for us O holy Mother of God!

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