Judgement…continuing our elementary exploration of the ‘4 last things’

My motivation for writing and talking up these essential truths called the ‘4 last things’ is because they are much neglected in the Church today. Just because matters important to the salvation of your soul are neglected does not make them any less true.

Computer technology is doing a great but unhelpful job in limiting our horizon to that which is in front of our faces.Image result for tired person in front of computer] Is it not time to lift your face up from your Smartphone and take a longer term view. My hope is that you will be encouraged to give a thought to the eternal life to come; maybe think about where you will end up in the here after. After all, there’s more to life than time and space.

So my aim is to present vital eternal truths in a simple, easy to grasp form, taking a leaf out of GK Chesterton’s book of philosophy when he said that “the simplification of anything is always sensational”.

Who do you think your are, a sheep or a goat?

Image result for judgement sheep or goat

 Presented below, for your edification, is a short and carefully considered talk on JUDGEMENT, something very powerful, very serious and inevitable for all of us. I encourage you to take this truth very seriously as the thought of judgement should help guide the manner of our living for the greater glory of God.

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