There is a another way…there is a better way…

The principle motivating factor for me in setting up LoveGodBeTransformed is to to provide a high potential alternative pathway for men whose sexuality, through no fault of their own, prevents them from being sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. This very challenging predicament works to prevent these young men from accessing some of life’s greatest opportunities, foremost of which is the chance to become a great husband and a loving father. Living out these vocations (husband/father) is vital to finding meaning and fulfilment in this life, centred as they are around being married and nurturing a family. These big ideas are at the very core of being human.

Sadly homosexuality blocks men from accessing these life enriching God-given opportunities and which is why the call to compassion and sensitivity is at the heart of the Catholic approach to the complex reality that is homosexuality. There are however other ways of helping homosexual men find meaning and fulfilment in this life other than by the mainstream route of marriage and family and this is the mission of LoveGodBeTransformed.

Isn’t this what life is really all about!

Until fairly recently, the gay scene has dominated the lives of homosexual men as the default option. The gay scene is a depressing and inadequate alternative and is not a healthy place to recommend to any young man or woman. Nor is it a place for nurturing or developing human potential.

This is me at the tender age of 28.
I spent more than 30 years in a gay lifestyle. When I look back on this period, it must have been a real trial for my father and mother (as well as for me) to have to witness their eldest son freely enter into such a useless way of living. Still, to their credit, they nevertheless kept on loving me even though I knew they knew the lifestyle wasn’t good.

Research clearly shows that rates of anxiety, suicide, dependency and mental illness are much higher than the average and stem directly from the limited and poor quality of the lifestyle, a truth some gay advocates refuse to acknowledge.

This is why there is a very real need for new pathways to be furrowed for those who seek to find meaning and fulfilment this side of eternity, something that IS truly possible for homosexual people, as I’ve discovered for myself, thanks to taking the call of Jesus Christ seriously and believing that with God all things are possible!

Please pray for the thousands of innocent young men who are led astray in the corrupting world of the gay scene. Please pray for all those those gay people who are deceived into believing that a licentious lifestyle is a worthwhile existence. Please pray for all those well meaning gay activists who unwittingly promote fake, false and spurious human rights and freedoms. Let us finish with the words of Saint Teresa of Avila “May God preserve us from bad rights!”

John Cassidy London June 2019

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