My power is made perfect in weakness…

Is there anything more beautiful than a human being humbly admitting to a weakness? Realising that my sexuality wasn’t functioning as God intended and then graciously accepting this inherent sexual weakness was, for me, an incredible moment of self-revelation. Just as soon as I came to this self–understanding, I was then enabled to set about re-organising my life by the grace of God. From the disorder came order.

It’s not difficult to understand how and why a person’s sexuality could be subject to disorder – unless of course there is a political and/or ideological reason for so doing. After all, every other aspect of being human is subject to disorder in one shape or form or another. On the contrary, it would seem illogical and unreasonable to assert or claim that human sexuality is somehow beyond the effects of disorder or exempt from it.

To understand that the sexual faculty of some men, mine included, may not work as it ought to, is a moment of beautiful truth. As with all human problems, the solutions become apparent just as soon they have been correctly diagnosed for what they are. This reality applies to all reasonable people, faith or no faith. For people of faith however, there is the glorious promise of Divine help as the Lord assures us that His power is always made perfect in weakness.

John Cassidy

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