God loves all homosexuals ; but do they love him?

Many people in our time ask if God loves homosexual men and woman. The answer of course is that God loves everybody – no exception. People easily forget however that this is a two-way relationship and that we are expected to love God too! The most important way we can show our love for God is to respect his authority and wisdom and in recognising that he alone is good. He is our maker and knows what best for us.

We do not show our love for God by freely choosing to behave in a way that acts against our own own good and the good of others. This is what happens when we allow our lives to go be ruled by lust, the tyrant of our time (see below). Anyone freely choosing to make best friends with lust agrees to the unloving principle of using other people as a means to a pleasurable end. Using people in this way is entirely selfish and serves to objectify human beings, robbing them of their God given dignity. This is why this behaviour is gravely sinful, causing as it does much suffering and misery in the process. God does not punish us for this. Instead he allows people to punish themselves in doing what they do their own detriment (Saint Augustine).

  • Lust is disordered desire for sexual pleasure
  • Lust reduces sex to a recreational activity
  • Lust panders to the flesh and ignores the needs of the soul
  • Lust is an insatiable bully

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As soon as we can accept the truth about how we should treat other people in every respect and learn to accept in humility that its not okay to treat others as a means to and end, then the two-way relationship between God and his creatures can flow beautifully. This works for everyone who seeks to reject lust – homosexuals and gays included.

John Cassidy

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